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Save time and money when you work with us

Get a commercial electric service contract that's going to put money back into your business each month. Our team makes it easy for you to secure a contract that's tailored to your needs.

 •  Fill out our form or contact us

 •  Download and submit the LOA form

 •  We Will submit your usage history to multiple providers

 •  Providers will come back with their best rates

 •  Check out all of the different rates and contracts

 •  Choose the best contract and rate

 •  Sign the contract

Go through the process

There's no reason to pay overpriced rates for  electricity each month. Let us locate and secure an electric service contract that meets your needs and saves you money.

Don't waste more time overpaying

Get a lower electric service rate today  


Our simple process is just what you need to save money on your commercial electric bills each month — get in touch with us today.

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