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Indiana joins the many deregulated states

Indiana is now a deregulated state when it comes to energy choices. Indiana business owners can now select a different company for your natural gas.

Indiana divides commercial natural gas industry into three categories:

    • Production of Natural Gas

    • Natural Gas Supplier (your choice)

    • Delivery of Natural Gas (Your Local Utility)

Three categories of commercial natural gas

Since 1998, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved plans to allow customers the option to buy their natural gas supply from companies other than their local utility company. Your utility company owns the infrastructure that brings natural gas to your business.  With deregulation, Indiana businesses may choose a different company to supply your gas.  When you decide to choose another company, the utility still delivers your natural gas.  You decide who you want to supply that natural gas to the utility.  


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About deregulation

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Can you choose a different natural gas company in Indiana? Yes you can!