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Residential apartment

Manage electricity for your multi-unit complex

  • You can have an automatic transfer of electric service into  your property’s name once a tenant has moved out.  This option means your staff will not have to make phone calls or complete paperwork each time a tenant moves.


  • An Always-On Service plan keeps the power on so staff can get the apartment ready or show between tenants.


  • You can manage your units' power online 24/7, allowing you to turn power "on" and "off" for vacant units remotely.


  • Sign up for Auto Alert emails with CSA roll in and roll out scheduled dates.


  • Use a Business to Business Reporting Portal and generate detailed financial reports or use commercial payment term options of 16-30 days


Choose an option that fits you best.

Customize an energy plan to fit your buildings.


Find a new energy management plan today!


Continuous Service Agreements are available for property owners of apartment complexes to manage multiple units.

Whatever your need, we will match it with a solution that’s right for you. Go with a customized product or utilize these options from providers:

Continuous Service Agreements

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